Shredder Knives

Shredder knives, also known as shredder blades, are essential components of shredder machines that are used for reducing various materials such as plastics, rubber, wood, and metal into smaller pieces. These shredder knives are typically made of high-quality tool steels or alloy steel materials that can withstand the extreme forces and impact of shredding applications.

The design of shredder knives varies depending on the specific material being shredded and the type of shredder machine being used. Shredder knives can be either single-edge or double-edge and can have different shapes such as flat, round, or V-shaped. The edge of the shredder knives can be straight, serrated, or scalloped depending on the shredding application.

To ensure optimal shredding performance and longevity of the shredder knives, proper maintenance is crucial. Regular inspection and sharpening of the shredder knives can prevent premature wear and tear and ensure consistent shredding quality. WCPE offers expert knife sharpening services that can help extend the life of shredder knives and improve shredding efficiency.

These knives are used in shredders to cut up a variety of materials including paper, plastics, wood, and metal. They are typically made from high quality alloy steel and can be sharpened or replaced as needed.

  • Made up Of High-Carbon, High-Chromium Steel and high grade material For Medium Energy Absorbing
  • Manufactured To Exacting OEM Dimensions Resulting In Consistent Regrind Size, Genuine OEM Supported Part
  • High grade precision Of Knives For Best Regrind Results
  • Guaranteed To Meet Your Machines Specifications

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