Central Granulators

X Series

The X Series Central Granulators are designed to provide efficient, reliable, and cost-effective grinding solutions for plastic recycling applications. These granulators are specifically designed for processing a wide range of plastics, including large parts, purgings, and other tough-to-process materials.

With a cutting chamber size ranging from 24"x40" to 24"x62", the X Series Granulators can handle processing capacities up to 4500 pounds per hour, depending on the model. The machine's robust construction and advanced technology allow for consistent, uniform grinding results while minimizing maintenance requirements and downtime.

The X Series Granulators come equipped with features such as a large feed opening, high-torque motors, and precision cutting blades, ensuring efficient processing of a variety of plastic materials. The granulators also feature a soundproofed enclosure, reducing noise levels and providing a safer working environment.

Other features include a heavy-duty rotor bearing, easy access for maintenance, and a range of customizable options, such as a conveyor belt, metal detector, and dust collection system. The X Series Granulators are also designed for easy integration with existing processing lines. Overall, the X Series Central Granulators offer reliable, high-capacity processing of plastic materials, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of plastic recycling applications.