Knife Sharpening

At West Coast Plastic Equipment and Knife, we offer optimum level services to our extensive clientele. We sharpen shear blades, carbide, paper knives, granulator knives, shredder cutters or specialty grinding we offer a competitive solution to your industrial knife sharpening needs. We are the industrial knife supplier of choice with quality, the most exacting OEM standards, competitive pricing, and quick turnaround times.

With over 25 years of experience in blade sharpening. We can sharpen many types of machine knives used in industry. Circular slitter blades, metal shear blades, guillotine blades, sheeter blades, plastic granulator blades, and toothed jeweler saw blades are just a few of the many blades WCPE & Knife Inc. can sharpen. Match grinding of your blades is available on request.

Once your knives are restored to original tolerances, the edges are precision machine honed to remove burrs and wire edges. We lightly oil them to resist rust during shipment and storage. We provide quick turnaround and unbeatable customer support. Most are sharpened and returned within 5 days or less. WCPE and Knife Inc.’s blade sharpening service will give you expertly sharpened blades that cut cleaner and last longer. Less downtime and cleaner cuts equate to money and time saved.

At West Coast Plastic Equipment and Knife Inc. we offer sharpening services for:
Straight knives up to 16 feet in length: Metalworking shear blades, guillotine paper trimmers, sheeter knives, veneer clippers, and slicer knives. Circular slitters: Dished and flat top slitters, bottom slitters, split slitters, and perforator wheels. Match grinding is available and WCPE and Knife offer discount pricing on large quantities. Plastic granulating blades: Rotor and bed knives.

Make WCPE and Knife Inc. your first choice for precision blade regrinding and replacement knives.