Granulator Knives

At West Coast Plastics Equipment and Knife, Inc. (WCPE), we offer a full range of granulator knives, as well as custom knife solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our team of experts can help you select the right knife for your application and provide ongoing support and technical assistance to ensure that your machines continue to operate at peak performance.

Granulator knives are essential components of machines used in the plastics and recycling industries for size reduction and material processing. These knives are designed to fit precisely and securely onto the cutting rotors of the machines, providing a precise and efficient cutting action.

The blades are typically made from High-Carbon, High-Chromium Steel And High Grade Material For Medium Energy Absorbing high-quality, high-speed tool steels or specialty alloys, such as M2, D2, or CPM10V, which provide excellent wear resistance, toughness, and edge retention properties. The exact material used for the blade depends on the specific application and the type of material being processed.

The knives can be manufactured in a range of sizes, shapes, and styles, depending on the specific requirements of the granulator or shredder. The knives are manufactured with exacting OEM dimensions and standards that provide consistent and long lasting regrinding performance. Some common knife styles include straight, hooked, and scalloped edges, which can be combined with different bevel angles to optimize performance for a particular application.

Knife sharpness is crucial to maintaining optimal performance of the machine. Therefore, regular maintenance and sharpening of the blades is necessary to ensure maximum efficiency and prolong the life of the knives.

These are designed specifically for use in granulators, and are used to cut plastic or rubber scrap into smaller pieces. They are typically made from high quality steel and can be custom designed to meet specific processing needs.

  • Made up Of High-Carbon, High-Chromium Steel and high grade material For Medium Energy Absorbing
  • Manufactured To Exacting OEM Dimensions Resulting In Consistent Regrind Size, Genuine OEM Supported Part
  • High grade precision Of Knives For Best Regrind Results
  • Guaranteed To Meet Your Machines Specifications

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