Cumberland Granulators

FX700 Series Beside-the-press Granulators

The FX700 Series Beside-the-press Granulators are a highly efficient and reliable machine for size reduction applications in the plastics industry. Designed to work alongside injection molding machines, these granulators are ideal for granulating sprues, runners, and other scrap materials.

These granulators are equipped with a large cutting chamber and offer high throughput and excellent cutting performance. The hopper's swing-down design makes it easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance. The granulators come with a high-quality rotor and bed knife that ensures consistent and precise cutting performance. The rotor is designed for low-speed operation, reducing noise levels and prolonging the machine's lifespan. Additionally, the soundproofed hopper further reduces noise levels, providing a safe working environment.

The FX700 Series granulators are available in various sizes with different hopper designs, motor power, and cutting chamber sizes to suit different throughput requirements. Overall, these granulators sourced from Cumberland Plastics are a reliable and efficient solution for size-reduction applications in the plastics industry. They are an excellent investment for any injection molding operation, all thanks to their advanced features and customizable options!

  • FX708
  • FX712
  • FX716


The FX1000 Series is a top-of-the-line granulator solution by Cumberland Plastics. These granulators are specifically designed to operate beside the press, allowing for efficient and effective recycling of plastic waste. The FX1000 Series granulators are capable of processing a wide range of plastic materials, including

  • Injection molded parts
  • Blow-molded bottles
  • And film scrap

The granulators are powered by a 10 HP motor and feature a two-knife rotor design for efficient and consistent granulation. The FX1000 Series granulators are also equipped with several safety features, including

  • A hinged soundproofing enclosure
  • Interlocked guarding
  • And a motor overload protection system

Additionally, these granulators are designed for easy maintenance and cleaning, with a removable screen cradle and easy access to the cutting chamber. At West Coast Plastic’s Equipment & Knife, you will find a range of customization options for the FX1000 Series granulators, including different rotor and knife configurations, as well as various discharge options. Whether you are processing large or small quantities of plastic waste, the FX1000 Series Beside-The-Press Granulators provide a reliable and efficient solution for your recycling needs.

FX1000 Beside-the-press Granulators have further size classifications that have increasing cutting chamber sizes that are directly proportional to increased processing capacities.

  • FX1012
  • FX1018


The FX1600 Series Beside-The-Press Granulators from Cumberland Plastics are high-quality machines designed for the efficient size reduction of plastic materials. With a compact design and a range of customizable features, these granulators are ideal for use in plastic injection molding, blow molding, and extrusion applications.

The FX1600 Series granulators are available in three models to meet the needs of various production volumes. They feature a cutting chamber that ranges from 16" x 20" to 16" x 40", with a throughput capacity of up to 1,800 lbs. per hour.

  • FX1620
  • FX1628
  • FX1640

The granulators use a staggered rotor design with a high-strength steel cutting chamber, which ensures efficient cutting and reduces wear and tear. They also feature a low-speed, high-torque motor that delivers consistent and reliable performance while minimizing noise and energy consumption.

Safety Features

The FX1600 Series granulators are equipped with a range of safety features, including:

  • Safety interlock switch
  • Emergency stop button
  • Lockable main disconnect switch

They also have a user-friendly control panel with a digital display and intuitive controls for easy operation.

Other Key Features

Other key features of the FX1600 Series Beside-The-Press Granulators include:

  • A removable screen cradle for easy maintenance
  • A soundproofed cutting chamber to reduce noise levels
  • A dust-tight enclosure to prevent contamination and ensure a clean working environment